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Walkabout iRoom 600 Smart Robot Vacuum and Mop With App-Based Automated Cleaning System

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Walkabout i600 Best Robot Vacuum Review

The best robot vacuum with mop in Australia now with fast, free shipping.

Clean smarter, not harder with the iRoom 600 Smart Robot Vacuum. AI learning enables this efficient automated cleaning system to adapt to your unique home environment and schedule, cleaning only when you need it, and quietly tucking itself away when you don't.

Best Robot Vacuum Australia


  • New, and exclusively at! The most advanced and reliable automated cleaning system engineered with pride in Australia is now available with free shipping included.
  • Complete home navigation with true obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors allow the iRoom 600 to quickly learn and navigate your unique floor plan, including adapting to changes in layout and sudden obstacles.
  • Thoroughly cleans carpets and hard surfaces with ease. Three stage multi-surface cleaning system brushes debris from hard floors and carpets, while edge targeting brushes clean hard to reach places.
  • Automatic recharging and smart scheduling. Runs for up to 90 minutes continuously before automatically docking and recharging. Smart scheduling adapts to your daily routine, cleaning when most convenient.
  • App and remote control for quick cleaning sessions. Check the status of or control the iRoom 600 while away with the included app for iOS and Android. Quickly start, end, or pause a cleaning session with the included remote control.
Top Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum Australia

What's in the box

  • iRoom 600 robot vacuum cleaning unit
  • Auto charging base station with standard wall outlet power cord
  • Extra hard surface cleaning pads and brushes
  • Remote control
  • User manual

Compatibility guide

  • App compatible with iOS and Andriod operating systems
  • Compatible with all standard home Wi-Fi networks
  • Base station compatible with standard wall power outlets


Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
A wonderful friend

This is my first little robot cleaner. So easy to use and does a great job.

Paul Woods
It’s ok

A bit noisy and the home mapping seems to take forever . We can’t have it running overnight as it wakes us so we programmed it to work while we are at work most days we have to rescue it and place on its dock. The app is very hard to follow but I guess we will get there in the end.

Luke Hillier

This is a very good vacuum.


I still have not received my item to review

Gail Godfrey

Very pleased with the unit, but as a senior person needed help following what had to be done to use easily

Gary Jackson

My previous robot vacuum was an LG Roboking which lasted 10 years. With luck so will this new iRoom600. Although early days still, it cleans and mops very well. It is not as quiet as the LG on hard surfaces such as tiles but it is very thorough and it goes places the previous vacuum didn't so the sensors work b etter. Having the rear wheel on the mopping tank assists it not getting jammed. The front bumper is used a lot as it seems determined to go right against the walls which is a good thing (assuming the bumper lasts). Battery life is very impressive. Shame the adapter cable for the base station isn't a bit longer especially when the base station should not be within 1 metre of anything.


Motor failed after one month, wheels wouldn’t turn and it would grind in place. The sensor could not remember where it when and often got stuck

Not worth it.

The sensor


Noisy and only wants to stay in one area


Bounces hard against furniture, suction poor and just blocks entry to dustbin without filling , does not return to dock


Continually goes over the same spot. Does not pick up everything. Suction not good. I had one years ago which was much better and I thought it would be as good if not better with advances in technology. Greatly disappointed