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Mifo O7 Dynamic [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 07 - Free AU/NZ Shipping
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Mifo O7 Dynamic [2021] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 07 - Free AU/NZ Shipping

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Purchase directly from the manufacturer with confidence! Includes 1-year warranty plus free shipping in Australia and New Zealand. LIMITED TIME! Purchase one unit, receive 10% off any second unit. Discount applied automatically at checkout.

Mifo O5 True Wireless Earbuds Specs and Features ReviewThe Mifo O7 Dynamic are the most advanced true wireless earbuds in the world. The O7 Dynamic improves on the award-winning Mifo O5 with carbon nanotube dynamic speaker drivers in each earbud for incredibly accurate and big sound at all frequencies, multiple microphones and voice refining software for better Zoom calls, haptic touch controls, and the latest Bluetooth 5 chipset from Qualcomm.

Package it in a, beautiful, smaller than ever aluminium charging case with incredibly long battery life and intuitive pairing software and the Mifo O7 happens: Make it Fully Optimal.

Mifo O5 and O7 Difference


  • Extraordinary battery life includes over 8 hours of continuous use time, with an additional 4 full charges with the included aluminium charging case.
  • CVC noise canceling creates crystal clear sound while in the gym, out and about, or whilst on the plane.
  • Dual carbon nanotube sound drivers are the most advanced sound technology in truly wireless earbuds. Each earbud contains one driver to focus on higher frequencies, whilst a second driver delivers deep, rich bass.
  • New earbud design with touch controls. No more buttons! Enjoy simple haptic touch controls that won't accidentally trigger and won't cause ear discomfort.
  • Bluetooth 5 from Qualcomm, the best name in wireless technology. Enjoy uninterrupted signal with synchronization technology for enjoying video from a mobile device or computer.
  • IPX 7 waterproof and dust proof ensures sweat, rain, and the elements never harm the Mifo O7.
  • USB-C case input allows you to use the latest charging technology to rapidly power up the aluminium charging case when power runs low. Most users enjoy 1-2 weeks between charges!

Customer Reviews

Based on 495 reviews
Squid Cheung
Nice features, work well, sound quality is just OK

I like the haptic buttons and the fact that either left or right bud can be used to control the device. Battery so far is good also. For some reason the left one does not fit as snug as the right one (and yes I have tried all the cushion sizes) and as a consequence it doesn't feel like it will stay in my ear. The sound quality is just OK in my personal opinion. There is a bit too much in the high frequencies and not enough bass for my liking. My previous pair were Bose SoundSport and although the sound was better and they felt more snug in my ears, they had other problems (more severe) that these Mifo do not. So I have not found the perfect pair yet.

Roland Goering
Awesome buds!

Finely earbuds with moxie. I can feel the base in my jaw. Unlike other buds including ( certain over priced 🍎 buds) these are a rock solid buy. Delivery was prompt and customer service was beyond reproach. If you love sound reproduction at its fullest then I must warn you, these are ADDICTIVE!

Toyale Wales
All smiles....

Bass to the max ✔️
Clear sound ✔️
Comfort ✔️
When I have the volume low, I can hear my music & all that is around me comfortably. I had no idea how heavy the charging case would be but I'm not going to let the unexpected weight weigh me down. The control tapping sequences will take a little getting used to; overall I am extremely pleased. I will return my newly purchased UE and keep the MIFO 07. An absolute great investment!

Kameron Petsche
They’re alright

Now I was expecting super bass heavy, loud buds. But the bass isn’t as strong as expected. Audio quality is nice though

Andrew Norbert Baird

Overall good sound and nice fit. I don't think my upgrade to memory foam inserts was necessary. Nice bud design, but the case feels a little clunky. So far charging has been fast and batteries last.

Bill Edmiston

I am really enjoying the Mifo 07's. Sound great. Battery life is amazing. And they don't fall out. What else do you need? Really, get yourself a pair. You won't regret it.

Francesca Rae
Great Sound

This is the first time using these types of wireless buds. Only used PUMP ones before. They are so much more comfortable and the sound quality much better. My only negative is that they are quite big in my ears and have fallen out on occasion. I will fiddle with the ear adjusters to try and prevent this. Good value for money.

David Myers
Review of earbuds

the earbuds thenselves are great. However the case lid is very flimsy (a loose hinge?) and doesn't close securely.

Quality phones

The fit takes some work. I didn’t have this problem with others. Nonetheless I am happy I have them. Very good value.


I has late to the ear bud game but in got the mifo 7 for my birthday from my wife and they are incredible. Put them in and went for a 4km run didn't have to adjust them once, stayed in perfectly. Sound quality is amazing and so easy to use. Could not recommend them enough. And the battery life is excellent.